Jul 28

Study on Worship in August –

"Worship, what is it?"...and How to build your own house of worship. This seems to be a season when Jesus is "kissing His bride" (to awaken her). We want... More

Apr 5

Missions Brunch with Pete Einstein,

April 30 @ 10:30 – The church will have the annual missions brunch with guest Pete Einstein, Founder & President of SonPower Ministries. Yearly offerings are pledged to support missionary... More

Feb 18

Potluck Lunch / Meeting –

Church is having a potluck lunch after Sunday morning’s service. All are welcome. Feel free to bring a side dish or dessert to share. Members are asked to stay to... More

Dec 22

New Hope Ministries West Shore

We are concerned for the material needs and food insecurity of community members. For 7 years we operated a monthly and emergency food pantry. We called it 5 Loaves Food... More

Feb 14

Loving like Jesus (pt 1/3)

Loving just like Jesus, can it be done? I believe that anyone who has experienced the “love of God” desires to love like He loves. Think about it, the love... More